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Theory Gentofte
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On the original official home page, please enter your particulars there, if you do not have a Cpr. number or do not wish to disclose this information at present then just enter your "date of birth" for now.

Please check-mark and fill out all relevant details.
Your privacy is respected, and is not disclosed to any third party this information only goes to the driving schools secure web-server.

All bank transfers to 3109 3109307920
Important! please remember your name and to state what it is you are ordering, or what you have signed up for. Thank you!

Instructions for online interactive tests in English
The online tests are generated via an external Danish web server, click on the link that you receive, copy and paste the access
navigate to the English random tests, you can choose English speech and text. Or Danish speech and English text. code into the log-in field before you

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