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English speaking driving instructor
Success its been a hard work to get that licence but yesterday it worked for Anu and the sun was shining too
Welcome all
Now 19 th Year of experience
15 Years of Experience success story


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First Aid courses Instructor Geoff Abbey
More success
Put a tiger in your economy
Success story
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Copenhagen International Driving School

English speaking driving instructor

Copenhagen International Driving School
is looking for an English speaking driving instructor, someone who has own training vehicle, able to teach in English

If you are the one who can assist the driving school then please contact
Geoff Abbey


or abbey@get2net.dk

Success its been a hard work to get that licence but yesterday it worked for Anu and the sun was shining too

My very determined student had a hard time getting a licence but yesterday was her day got it, so happy days Congratulations Anu

Welcome all

Cars and driving is a passion at the Copenhagen International Driving School, even if the going gets tough.It was really cold yesterday 26/1, and windy was on the advanced slippery track with my students.

Today 27/1 the roads are a slippery track.

But lets hope its just for a short spell and not like last years winter.

New theory group start 4 March 2014
my student starting on that group will be getting to experience the new train vehicle a Renault Capture 1,5 dCi, just as safe as the Swift 5 star N.C.A.P tested, test winner, all the latest technology and a vehicle where you sit up high and are more noticed in traffic.

Now 19 th Year of experience

Put a tiger in your tank this was a campaign back in the 70's England
Esso power17 Years Jubilee Copenhagen International Driving School

Established May 1995                               Click the tiger >

Esso quality power fuelNostalgia

Who can remember?

A campaign that was on in UK
back in the 70's

Esso's Put a tiger in your tank.

The fuel prices have hit a record high in
Denmark recently nearing 14 kr. per liter

Copenhagen International Driving School

15 Years of Experience success story

This is a previos training vehicle for over 7 years at the school, missed that sitting up high, so therefore the SUV Captur is on its way.Success Story in
The Copenhagen Post
See the article coming shortly
in the re-location supplement
of the Copenhagen Post on 4 November.

Or click on the picture and see it now.

7 hour traffic related First Aid courses

Main help organization behind First Aid coursesAll beginners for a drivers license must complete now an 8 hour traffic related first aid course. So you will learn how to react responsibly in a traffic accident situation, how to give CPR, how to give the alarm how to secure the area how to perform emergency moves and more, some exercises are indoor and some outdoor.

Geoff Abbey is the qualified First Aid Instructor. 

Training situation during first aid courtse Emergency move
Students discover just how helpful they can be on the scene
of an accident, with just few means just how one can secure
a situation and save others lives.
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